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Take a walk on the island side


OK, well, they’re sort of both island sides. See, Alameda is an island ever since they carved out the canal that separates Oakland from Alameda. Bay Farm Island isn’t actually an island any longer, though I’m pretty sure that once upon a time it was. So which side of the canal between Alameda and Bay Farm Island is «the island side» is left as an exercise for the reader. I walked both sides today so my bets are hedged. …go on, keep reading about Take a walk on the island side


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@TheFiremonkeys in #Game4Good we rack up millions of laps but have to enter our email address and phone number separately on each lap? #fail — 10 hours 7 min ago
Maybe I just needed my thinking cap. Or to stop wasting time taking pictures of myself “writing.” week 3 days ago
Today’s excuse for not writing: I think I need a new chair for my desk. — 1 week 3 days ago
At the grocery store I picked up some Ezekiel bread. I guess that’s for when you want to take sandwiches on the path of the righteous man. — 1 week 4 days ago
@webtype I've always been a fan of readability, but more so as displays get smaller and higher-res—my aging eyes probably aren't helping! — 1 week 6 days ago
@thealamedan Oh God. I saw the flashing lights this morning but didn't know what happened. — 1 week 6 days ago
@webtype @fontbureau Generous width fixes problems from generous x-height. Even color is hard to do with that aspect ratio. Good job! — 1 week 6 days ago


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Condition or fitness. Can be thought of as an analogue to mettle, but regarding functional rather than material qualities. Fettle is how something is made in contrast with mettle being what something is made from.

Found in the 25 January 2014 edition of The Economist. …go on, keep reading about Fettle