Experimenting with the predecessor to Dosadi

Whipping Star
Frank Herbert

Book #3 of my 50bookchallenge: Frank Herbert’s Whipping Star. I’m a fan of Frank Herbert’s writing and have been for as long as I can remember. Even when he hasn’t written «high-concept» sci-fi, he’s still usually succeeded in writing smart, highly readable pulp. Whipping Star is one of these.

I read Dosadi Experiment, the sequel to Whipping Star a while back, so some of the surprise revelations here were old news to me, but also I think that now I might get more from Dosadi Experiment than I did the first time around. Definitely will consider rereading it for my list.

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Saturday, 22 January 2005
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I can't remember a damn thing from Dosadi...

Herbert has an incredibly wide range from stilted and dull to vivid and unforgettable. The White Plague is in the latter category, and to a lesser extent The Santaroga Barrier. I just read two Herberts, Under Pressure and The Eyes of Heisenberg, both unfortunately tending toward the dull end.

I read Under Pressure a year or so ago. It was sort of embarrassing, but I liked how it was really clear that Herbert was trying to get to the place he'd get in a few decades. Like he just needed to practice.

Still, even Under Pressure was more readable than The DaVinci Code.