Another run before the soreness kicks in

After a hard run, or any sufficiently intense workout, I can sometimes be sore for a few days. That’s not uncommon but it is sometimes surprising to me how the soreness doesn’t set in until the second day.

After last Sunday’s run I wasn’t recovered enough to run again until Saturday. Saturday’s run was harder than that one. I was looking at the likelihood that it could be several days before my next run.

Whatever it is that causes my soreness to skip a day I looked at it as an opportunity. I didn’t want to overdo anything, but I thought a short run would be good while I still could.

Though I wanted less total mileage today, I still wanted some intensity. I’m not going to get back to form by taking it easy and there’s not much point in getting out there if I’m not getting back to form. Running has always been effort, of course. But I used to better equipped to put in that effort.

So I took the guideline I established yesterday, 5K, and decided to do that run with less walking in the intervals.

I took my walking mile to warm up, then ran for a mile and a half, walked for a half mile out by the model airplane field where I took pictures, and then ran another 1.6 miles. The rest of the way home I walked to cool down. Total mileage was 5.2: 3.1 running and 2.1 walking.

My pace is still quite slow but I’m getting my heart rate up to a range where I don’t think it’s prudent to try to push much harder. By the old (and obviously faulty) formula I’m routinely running at 105% of my maximum heart-rate. I think I can’t ask for much more than that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I have trouble walking tomorrow. My guess is that whatever soreness I could have expected for tomorrow if I hadn’t taken the run today will be magnified. But taking a few days without running after two days on seems a lot better than a few days off after only one day on.