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Drupal, maybe we should just be friends

Recently I finished reading a book and went to put the book in my blog. I don’t have the book report written but wanted to at least get a placeholder in the database with the vital statistics: title, author, word count, my rating, and so on. After entering the information, I hit submit and was greeted with the less-than-useful message, The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

Spring Snow
Yukio Mishima

The first book of Yukio Mishima’s epic Sea of Fertility tetralogy is a gorgeous, lush exploration of the complexity of a darkly conflicted character.

Worlds colliding

This thing keeps taking me in unexpected directions. What I thought had gone sideways a couple days ago has gone farther sideways.

Yesterday I didn’t get as much writing done and I didn’t think I’d get much done today because I had a lot of other work to do. But I carved out some time in the morning and then got on a roll in the late evening. I finished a 3500 word chapter (2,824 of which were written in the past 24 hours) that had numerous challenges.

Worlds apart

Some intense writing today. I wanted to make up for the time lost yesterday in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I hoped I might push my total to 10,000 words today, but didn’t get there and at this point I’m exhausted. I need to set it down for the night. I wrote 2,825 words today which is the most I’ve written in one day since I started keeping track on Friday, and I wrote material that wasn’t previously on the outline so that’s a really satisfactory day.

If I must fail I will do so in public

Today was the First of November, and therefore the first day of NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is to write a novel of at least 50,000 words entirely during the month of November. It’s a somewhat ambitious undertaking and therefore tempting not to talk about it until it’s done for fear that I might announce the project and then not follow through.

Have you tried drinking only natural wines?

Natural Wine Co WebsiteI was first approached to consult on the Natural Wine Company website three years ago when the business plan was just a twinkle in the founders' eyes. They had no logo, no location, just a dream. It took some time and a lot of hard work to get things together, but this year the dream became reality. The brick and mortar Natural Wine Company store opened in Brooklyn the Saturday before Thanksgiving and the website was launched concurrently.

Natural wines—wines of any kind, really—are outside my area of knowledge, but there's a very amusing video on Youtube that humorously (and with unnecessarily strong language) explains what the big deal is—and isn't. It seems true that people have been making a big deal out of something that is very poorly defined, but underneath there's something to it.


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