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Picadilly notebooks: sometimes you get what you pay for.

Possibly the biggest disappointment in my review of notebooks over the last couple years has been the Piccadilly Essential Notebook. Piccadilly’s Essential line of notebooks is almost indistinguishable from the Moleskine, but at a third to one-half the price. When I say indistinguishable, I mean in nearly every detail. The oilskin cover looks like the Moleskine, the paper is the same cream color with the same 6mm ruling, there’s an elastic enclosure and a pocket in the back.

Gallery Leather: a little too much plus a little too little

ImageI was excited to see Gallery Leather's entry into the journal/notebook realm for a couple reasons. First, it's a handsome notebook of a reasonable size for carrying, and second, Gallery Leather does a lot of business creating and customizing handcrafted products directly from Maine. In other words, I was hoping to find some good old fashioned American craftsmanship.

Moleskine: the one to beat

ImageOf all the notebooks on the market, none is so celebrated or debated as the Moleskine. Loved by many, there are at least a half dozen websites devoted solely to the iconic notebook, and a Google search on the keyword «moleskine» produces (at this writing) over four and a half million results. No other brand of notebook has achieved the same level of repute or notoriety.

I'm not here to say that Moleskines are the best notebooks, but they are the standards by which most other notebooks are judged. So don't be surprised when future editions of The Sunday Papers use the Moleskine as a measuring stick.

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