Cats and dogs

When someone claims their dog is smart it’s because the dog has learned to obey the person’s commands. When someone says their cat is smart it’s because the person has learned to obey the cat’s commands.1

  1. Yes, this picture means that I have given up on keeping Roxie off my desk to the extent that I actually put her bed there. It’s kind of nice having her curled up in front of me while I work, but I’m not going to pretend it was my idea. ↩︎



Kittery has you wrapped around her paw, no question. But when it comes to manipulation, Roxie is in a whole other category. Kittery doesn’t manipulate so much as persist. She’ll wear you down all day looking with those expectant eyes as if to say, «you want me to be happy, right? Because having whatever is on your plate will make me happy. Please? Please? Please?»

If Roxie could speak, I think it would sound something like, «no Mister Bond, I expect you to buy. Buy better food for me, that is.»

Besides, this wasn’t so much about cats and dogs but about how people judge and describe them.

I guess if I have to unwrap the joke this much, it wasn’t as funny as I thought.