I believed the hype

Yeah! I went and got an iSight today! I was all stoked to be a part of the whole online video community, getting ready to teleconference all over the world with my new webcam "for the rest of us" as the esteemed Mr. Jobs said.

I got it home and it works great! not super in low-light conditions, but maybe there are some adjustments I can make somewhere. And even though there's not much to see, even in low-light conditions it takes very crisp video. Very nice.

The Compulsive Splicer: The Loreniuska Interview

Thank you, Loreniuska for these questions.

1. What is your biggest regret in life?

First the cop-out answer: i don't really have any regrets. I've made some bad decisions, but they've all led to me being where I am right now, and most of the things I wish I could have done differently I couldn't have known why it was wrong until after I'd done the wrong thing. But that's a kind of philosophical view, and I do have painful memories, things I look back at and cringe.


Where did my life go? I still have no contact from either M. or Y. and this disturbs me terribly. The only plans I've dared to make revolve around these two women I've never met. Somehow this strikes me as a rather poor way to ensure my happiness.


OK, so this is real good and real bad. Mostly real good, but there's a sharp bitterness in there too, and I'm trying to absorb it like a grownup or something.

A month or more ago I met this chick over Friendster, OK? It was kind of funny because she was immediately very hot and flirty and funny and all that, and she invited me to a party at her house like that very next night. So I thought that would be really cool and I went.

Bled dry

Donated blood today. Funny thing is, now I’m really tired. I guess that’s not unexpected. What’s unexpected is that it was a longer day than I thought it would be.


I was just woken up by thunder so loud, I didn't think it was thunder. I thought that a bomb had blown up a building, that maybe Candlestick Park was destroyed. If it weren't for the second peal, I still wouldn't have believed it. I have never heard thunder like this.


My legs hurt. What did I put on the leg sled last night? I think it was 360 pounds, plus whatever the sled weighs to begin with. A couple years ago I used to put 450 on just to warm up before the rest of my workout. OK, 450 wasn't easy, but it's a lot of weight and I could do three sets of twelve so it would get me psyched up for the rest of the workout. Psychological more than anything.

Maybe it's not the leg sled. Maybe it's all that incline walking I did on the treadmill. That hurt my calves more, and I'm feeling it in my thighs, which means sled.

Saw the gym yesterday

It reminded me why I used to go there so much. It was a load of fun.

First I got on the treadmill and did something really zany: I turned the incline up to 15% and adjusted my speed to keep my heartrate from exceeding 160 (not always successfully). I got 1.6 miles in 25 minutes, which is super slow, but I was soaked in sweat and if I keep doing that my butt will look great after a couple years.

Clutter Clutter Everywhere

The cable chick (or guy... how should I know?) is coming by this afternoon, and I just realized what a fucking hellhole I live in. Now I don't particularly care what the cable chick thinks, but it would be nice if this place were semipresentable for human habitation. To that end, I'm doing some cleaning and decluttering. It'll still be a big mess, but I'm hoping I can get this up to just a mess instead of a mess so bad that it becomes cable-installer lore for years to come.


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