Have I forgotten?

I'm in the airport shuttle somewhere in Washington State between SeaTac and Evergreen. I haven't seen this many rusted out cars in the front yards of trailers since I was in the Carolinas.

The shuttle driver has the radio on the country station. (Yes, Hammerhead, I remember. The driver chooses!) It illustrates some pretty profound culture shock that in just a couple hours I've gone from a place where they're playing War Pigs on the radio station to a place where they play clips of GWB in between the songs.


As I was about to get off the the #14 bus today, a couple kids were giving another kid trouble. There was some ruckus and swearing, and I heard one say, "give me your watch, take off your watch!" As the bus stopped the noise turned into physical commotion and as I got up to get off, one of these kids--a skinny olive-skinned boy of about 16 I guess--tumbled past me and his scooter crashed to the floor of the bus. I saw blood trickling down his cheek.

Israeli Bulldozers: 1 American Protesters: 0


I met Rachel at Burning Man and we traded a few emails. I really liked her a lot and I was hoping to get to visit her up in Washington at some point. I had in mind that she'd still be alive when I visited, now I'm trying to make arrangements to go up there for a memorial service.

Shit. Ain't no two ways about this: it sucks.

I need to be less geeky or else more geeky

OK, it's not like I don't know how to program my VCR or whatever, but I have to learn to start recording Star Trek and watching it at a civilized time. It used to be on at 11:00, and then they moved it to midnight, which means getting to bed no earlier than 1am. Now it doesn't start until 12:30 and sometimes I think it would be nice to get to bed earlier and wake up early.

That got my Chi flowing

I’m insanely gratified by the fact that I got home tonight and found that Laury Ostrow wrote email to me to compliment me on an article I wrote on his now thrice-defunct venture, Chi-Pants.

Hey, check out my crotch!

I have a few pair, and they’re damn fine pants. Just thinking about how I can’t get any new Chi-Pants makes me mad mad mad.

Read the article. Geeks have really gone downhill.


I was afraid I’d wasted my money on my ticket to Daredevil on the IMAX screen, knowing it would probably be pretty bad, but damned if seeing the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen trailer wasn’t totally worth it.

Daredevil wasn’t particularly good, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I liked the special effects used for his radar sense–it made more sense visually than it ever did in the comics.

All in all not a wasted night.


Last night I was chatting with some girl from Tehran and she asked me if I have many friends. I had to think about it, and sadly the answer is no. There are many many people who are good friends to me, and very few to whom I am a good friend.

This is sad because if I’ve discovered even unconsciously that it’s easier to make friends than to keep friends, what kind of monster have I become?


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