Busy day

I can’t believe what a full day I had today! It sure beats the heck out of boring, although I have to admit that with the drama that goes on around making a living, sometimes boring sounds good to me.

Catalina Dogs! Yummmm

I think maybe I’m too old and (sometimes) make too much money to be a «starving artist» but sometimes I do scrounge for food. Well, last night after resigning myself to a week of beans, rice, and oatmeal, I discovered an unopened pack of hot dogs in the refrigerator. Hey, that’s dinner! Or lunch. Or something.

Yay LiveLizard!

I’ve always used the web-based LiveJournal rather than any special client, but today I took the plunge and installed LiveLizard, which is LiveJournal in Mozilla. OK, so it’s a little crazy, but I was already getting the Palm version, which I’ll test out later. Anyway, it’s pretty cool and it means I don’t have to play the catch-as-catch can about the LJ servers being unavailable or slow as they often are.

Good day today

Well, I'm still way behind, but today I did what I set out to do. I returned a video to the library, got and cashed a check from a client, and had a massage, filed my extension for my taxes, and made it to my regular meeting to drop off the schedules I had photocopied (I'm the literature guy) and left to go to a meeting I don't usually go to, where I was asked to speak. All very nice and I'm feeling refreshed and relaxed, physically and emotionally.

Why am I sick?????

I don’t like this, not one bit. This has been lingering for too long. I talked to Erik on the phone yesterday and he said my voice had dropped about three octaves. I’m croaking when I talk!

Ow. ow ow ow.

OK, I should have eaten more before going to the gym.

OK, I should have taken it easier during the cardio phase.

OK, I should not have jumped right in to work the same muscle groups I worked last time I was at the gym.

I’m so toast. I hurt. And I’m totally exhausted. I feel like I caught the flu sometime in the last two hours. I’m trying to nurse myself back to health with salad, an apple, and protein bars. Then sleep, I guess.

Yeah, sleep. I need to get to sleep so I can go to church in the morning. I really REALLY hope it doesn’t rain.

Another day gone by

Well, about the only thing productive I did today was working out. I went with Jeff and so I got to do benchpresses, which I don’t do if I go alone. Some things just shouldn’t be done without a spotter.

I was amazed at the number of beautiful women at the gym this afternoon, too. And I don’t mean the cookie-cutter california bitch kind of toned, tanned, blonde and bony that we see around here so much, I mean really beautiful. Drop-dead gorgeous with personality. Stunning. Just stunning.


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