Last day at work

Only five or six more hours and I get to go home. I want to take it easy tonight, as I’m going off on retreat and am leaving at 6am for the Tassajara monastery. I’ll need to get plenty of sleep tonight. I think I’ll go to the gym on the way home, work out, pick up something to eat at the grocery store, then go home and eat and pack.

Two more days!

Thursday is my last day at work. I'm getting pretty excited about leaving the workaday world, and I've been starting to get real bad about getting to sleep at a reasonable hour. Last night, or very early in the morning we had a power outage here, and I used that as an excuse for my oversleeping, although the real reason is that I went to see Jurassic Park III at the Metreon on the IMAX screen. It was pretty fun, although it lacked imagination.

It's Late

Slept until 1:30pm today. I hate letting the day go down the drain like that. Of course, there’s plenty of time in the day to do a lot of things–I’ll be going to Alameda soon to see Erik’s new deck and maybe watch High Noon.

I got a few more chapters from the Tao Te Ching transcribed today. Chapter 16 really jumped out at me in a very intense way last night, and I think that’s part of why I got through the other chapters. It really feels like a good practice to me.

I am so waisted...

I went to the drycleaners to pick up my only suit, which I bought in 1995 in anticipation of Matt and Mallory Diedrich’s wedding. The suit didn’t quite fit then; the jacket was fine, but the pants needed to be let out as far as they could be to accomodate my waist. Even then the pants were tight around my waist. The tailor who made the alterations tried to convince me to take the suit back and get a different one, but I knew that I couldn’t get everything done and have the suit ready in time for the wedding, so I had him make the alterations despite his protestations.

More Oatmeal

Woke up early enough to exercise or meditate, but did neither. I did however make oatmeal for the second time, and put about a third the brown sugar in that I did last time. It was tasty, even if it lacked the reminiscent flavor of instant oatmeal from childhood.

Progress point to note: Friday the 13th would have been the third anniversary of Vikki’s and my domestic partnership, and it didn’t even occur to me until yesterday (Monday). I went through the whole day and two days after without realizing that the anniversary had passed.

A day full of small victories

I had a day at work that was not too stressful. If I had a few more like this I might not have given notice on Friday.

Nothing earthshaking today, but I managed to balance my email and my productivity at work, not feeling I’d fallen behind in either regard. I finally implemented the digest feature on a mailing list I administer and a few people have already resubscribed with the digest.


I made oatmeal for the very first time this morning. Tasty!

Also discovered how much brown sugar one has to put in to "real" oatmeal in order for it to taste like the instant stuff I grew up with. Scary. Really disturbing. Probably 8-10 teaspoons for one-half a cup of oatmeal (dry measurement, of course). That's up to 150 empty calories to make it like it tasted when I was a kid.

Needless to say, I won't be loading my oatmeal with that much sugar again. Nonetheless, yummy!

four 7.5-minute miles!

So much for that goal.

I like my goals to be all-day suckers, but this time I hit my goal the very next time I got on the treadmill. Hammerhead says this is OK because so much of running is mental, but I really thought that I had picked an ambitious enough goal so that I work on it for a while.

On the other hand, it is kind of nice to hit my goals, and it is a nice little ego boost that I can run four seven-and-a-half minute miles. I actually hit four miles at 29:47, so I very slightly beat seven-and-a-half.

3 miles, 24 minutes

Inspired by Hammerhead's example, I've started incrementing the time I've been running on the treadmill up from 25 minutes to 30. I ran 35 minutes a few days ago, but I don't like to do more than 30 at the gym when it's crowded and there are people waiting to get on the machines.

My first goal was to hit 3 miles in 25 minutes, and I achieved that goal a couple weeks ago. Yesterday I made my second goal, which was 3 miles in 24 minutes. Three eight-minute miles. Hooray!

It's so easy to hate my job

What can I say about it? I don’t actually hate it, but I’m very anxious to leave. It’s been frustrating and it doesn’t pay particularly well, and I’m ready to move on.

I haven’t written here in a while because the last time I wrote, my computer crashed and I lost the whole entry. That discouraged me. I suppose it’s my own fault for not installing the software and always posting from the Web, but it was discouraging anyway.


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