Exhausted at 10:30AM

I had forgotten how much more tiring working is than staying at home and puttering around. I haven’t even been here for two hours and I’m beat. Ready to call it a day. Not ready for lunch, mind you. Ready to go home and take a nap.

My body is still tapping a lot of my energy to heal, I guess. That’s a good thing. But i keep on forgetting things and I’m moving at about half speed. It’s a damn good thing it’s Friday.

I can breathe! (sort of)

The packing is out of one side of my nose. It did feel a bit like having my brains pulled out my nose, but it was over pretty fast. The bandages and outer brace are still on my nose, and I still have my nose in a sling to keep the blood from seeping all over. Sorry if that’s more detail than you wanted. Bottom line is that my nose is still kinda full of… ahem… humors. Should clear up pretty quick.

Surgery must not be so bad

I mean, it seems like all I can complain about is a months-dead relationship. I must be doing pretty well. Of course, I’m looking forward to being able to breathe through my nose again. The spitting blood hasn’t been very fun either.

So take from my general grumpiness that I must be doing pretty well after my surgery.

I Miss the Stars

Tom, a friend I am sadly estranged from, has described a deep spiritual connection to this place. I’ve never been here before, but I’m not sure that I can say I’ve been here now. It’s nighttime and Matt is driving. Road tripping is great fun, but I can’t say I’ve seen much of the lake or the mountain.

Coffee, Anyone?

According to reports by a member of the epitasis-list, the Xando coffee bar has closed.

Now most of us here on the West Coast probably think that the problems of two little coffedrinkers in this crazy world don’t amount to a hill of beans, but…

Well, It’s a special place. I’ll explain:


Yes, yes, yes… Smoking is a terrible, disgusting, stinky habit. I know. As a former pack-a-day Camel smoker, I’m the last one you need to tell. Yet somehow, I ended up in the following picture:

How did this happen?

Apple's Bad News and Good News

For background, please read the article from news.com.

I don’t know why I care much about the fate of Apple, but I’ve been trying to follow this story along, and I am hopeful about Apple’s future. Although I still wouldn’t buy a Mac for myself (we’ll see how their NeXT-generation machines look? I’m keeping an OpenMind on this issue :-) ), I think that Apple has been a great presence in this industry and that it would be a real shame for them to just disappear.


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