Gary Johnson announces support for same-sex marriage

Today Gary Johnson, GOP candidate for President in 2012, announced that he is updating his position on same-sex marriages versus civil unions. I support the legalization of same-sex marriage in my own state so overall I’m pleased to hear this announcement. I am also a little concerned about the language Gov Johnson used when he said that marriage should be up to individuals rather than the states.

I’d like to see the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) go away and I would like to see the federal government recognize for tax and other legal purposes any marriage that was legal in the state in which it was performed. But I’d like state legislatures or the people of each state to make that call. If a state does not wish to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, I don’t think the Federal Government ought dictate that they do. That seems almost as bad as DOMA.

…because it would be hard


Golden GateWeather report said it was going to rain. I talked to another runner before the race who said he hoped it wouldn't rain. The skies were totally clear, but I don't think rain on a race is a bad thing. It cools us off without having to sweat so much. Even without the rain, the air was pretty cool—probably about 55°F. A little cool to be standing around in shorts and a T-shirt, but just fine for running.


Freedom-hating Apple fanboy

Android is the platform of freedom and openness. Apple’s iOS by contrast is a «walled garden» in which Apple holds strict control over the tools of development and even the content available on its platform. Freedom is better than tyranny, so ideologically as well as practically everyone should abandon Apple and get an Android device so that they can live happily, productively, and freely ever after.

Where God speaks


I’m not pretending that any deity gives me sports scores or tells me to start a cult but I do have process of putting questions to the universe and waiting for answers to appear in my head. Some would call it subconscious information processing, others meditation, and still others prayer. Under various names most people have some way of doing this by letting go of the questions and somehow letting the answers come to them. I find it works better to anthropomorphize it and let the information come from someone somewhere else even if they are coming from within. At least that’s how I explain the benefit of prayer without delving into theology. Whether I believe in God is a question I don’t know how to answer. But I do ask Him for advice and sometimes even listen for answers.

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie 1941-2011

On the heels of last week's death of the man who turned Unix into a popular consumer product, I am sad to learn of the passing of Dennis Ritchie, inventor of the C programming language and co-developer of the Unix operating system. He was a 1998 laureate of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for his part in the invention of both C and Unix. 


Excessive desire for more.

Note the word «excessive» in the definition above.

This word has been coming up frequently these days with the Occupy Wall Street protests happening. It comes up in two contexts. First, on cardboard signs, t-shirts, and website manifestos, usually paired with the word, «corporate.»

Obama to California: my autocracy beats your democracy

Today, the four California US Attorneys—at the orders of the Obama administration—are taking steps to shut down marijuana dispensaries in California. Dispensaries have been ordered closed. Federal prosecutors have sent letters to sixteen pot clubs and their landlords instructing them that their property will be seized if they don't shut down operations.

Steven Paul Jobs 1955–2011

Steve Jobs died today.

There's no use repeating what has already been said: that he was a visionary, a genius, brilliant, and so on. It's customary to speak well of the recently passed, but the truth is richer and more nuanced. Steve Jobs did not make his contributions by inventing every last component or by making every design decision in Apple's products, a fact his critics like to point out. But he did see things in a way too few of us who work in technology do: from the point of view of the end user, unversed in the magic of the technology he produced.

What will replace my Prē: Android or iPhone?

My Palm Prē Plus is coming to end of its life. Even if HP had not abandoned WebOS all the development was going to be for newer versions of WebOS—versions HP promised I could upgrade to but reneged on that promise. So despite an operating system that I adore and a user interface that makes all other phones look clumsy and awkward, I can’t avoid the reality about this phone.


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