BooksOnBoard is not on board

This past weekend I tried a new vendor of electronic books: BooksOnBoard. I found the store in the Stanza app on my iPad, which so far I believe is the best ereader software available. Stanza includes in-app links to several sources of electronic books, and BooksOnBoard is the first choice listed.

My first impression of BooksOnBoard is not favorable.

Bare Bones
Kathy Reichs

I’m not ready to declare the Temperance Brennan novels to have jumped the shark with Bare Bones, but even with some time away from the series this one didn’t do much for me. If in Fatal Voyage and Grave Secrets Kathy Reichs relaxed into the job and hit her stride, then in Bare Bones she might have relaxed a bit too much.

Just for a little warmth

ImageTomorrow morning there is street cleaning on the East side of my street, which is where the Moto Guzzi was parked until about a half hour ago. I went out to move the bike and, noting the chill in the air, thought that it would be nice to have a fire in my fireplace tonight. I've run out of Duraflames, but since I had to move the bike anyhow, I thought I may as well go down to Safeway and pick up a log before retiring for the evening.

Couch to 4K

Nine days since my last run. I know that running this infrequently just makes the whole process more difficult, but I have to take my opportunities when I can. While I've been kept pretty busy with a full schedule lately, I can't say that I don't have opportunities. In this case, «opportunities» translates to «windows of motivation.»

Back on the road

After feeling that I needed to give my knees a rest in July I took more time off of running than I had predicted. Coming back after months of inactivity I knew it wasn't going to be an easy return. My weight has increased a notch in the last months and extra weight means more stress on the joints as well as the muscles. Mindful of the importance of starting slow, I chose a short, familiar, and flat route: out to the Fourth Street Bridge and back along the North side of Mission Creek.

Who's afraid of s3804?

There's been a lot of bad legislation proposed concerning copyright, and it is increasingly difficult to tell the good from the bad without an attorney interpreting every word. Bloggers like me get up on a virtual soapbox and declare that bills will protect or destroy (usually destroy) all creative thought. Usually such declarations say more about the writer's prejudices than the legislation. There are those who believe that copyright is a a sacred trust and that no one should ever profit from the work of another, even if that other has been dead for decades.

Steve Jobs: how can you be so brilliant and so clueless at the same time?

My fears have been confirmed: the rumors of a 7-inch iPad are only rumors. Steve Jobs has set his foot down and there will never be an Apple device larger than the current iPhone but smaller than the current iPad.

For all that Apple has going for it in the realm of user experience and user interface, how can they be so far off the mark when it comes to ergonomics and human mechanical interface issues?

Going to Open Studios? Don't forget to check out Kentucky and Army Streets

ImageActually, you'd have to go back in time to find the intersection of Kentucky Street and Army Street in San Francisco. Army Street was renamed Cesar Chavez Street in 1995 and Kentucky Street was annexed to Third Street sometime probably around 1920. But the intersection itself is in the same spot, at Third and Cesar Chavez, and that's where my studio is.

Stop holding «contests»

I use a terrific piece of software in my business called Time Master. It's a time tracker and invoice generator that runs on the iPad. I've gone through several time-tracking packages in the last fifteen years and even considered writing one when I was unsatisfied with the available options. It speaks well of Time Master and the developers at On-Core Software that they have produces a software package that passes muster.


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