Blame it on Costco

Today I wrote 116 words on my novel, bringing me to a total of 6,967 words. I fell rather far short of my daily goal. I could spend some time trying to catch up before midnight, but I think I’d rather tell you the story.

I didn’t do my writing (or any other work) today because I have a Costco membership.

I am Exposition Man today

I started by fleshing out some of what I’d already written, providing some more detail in the conversation that ends the first chapter. I’ve also decided to upgrade a minor character; he may still be a minor character, but I’ve decided against discarding him. He’ll appear again.

If I must fail I will do so in public

Today was the First of November, and therefore the first day of NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is to write a novel of at least 50,000 words entirely during the month of November. It’s a somewhat ambitious undertaking and therefore tempting not to talk about it until it’s done for fear that I might announce the project and then not follow through.


Characterized by the passage of some property or characteristic from one place or concept to another place or concept.

When I took French in high school I came across the concept of transitive versus intransitive verbs. Perhaps this distinction was made in my studies of English, but what I recall is a specific conversation in French class.

While trying to grasp what my teacher was telling me, I asked whether a transitive verb was one that required a direct object. I hoped that was a different way of saying what she had been telling us, and that she would confirm that I had it right.

Your sci-fi character name!

Here’s a fun game you can play with all your friends. It’s your sci-fi movie character name! Here’s how it’s done:

Take your mother’s maiden name. That’s your character’s first name. Then for the last name take your online banking password and stick the last four digits of your Social Security number on the end.

I am Tanaka Sycamore7599!1

Wasn’t that fun?2

Caffeine underdose

In case anyone is curious what it looks like when I try to get something done and my full focus isn’t on the task:

sanctum splicer$ sudo chown -R g+x .
Sorry, try again.
chown: g+x: illegal user name
sanctum splicer$ sudo chgrp -R g+x .
chgrp: g+x: illegal group name
sanctum splicer$ sudo chmod -R g+x .
sanctum splicer$

Bitcoin: worth the electrons it's printed on?

I recall reading even before I had any interest in Bitcoin or Bitcoin mining that the cost of electricity was probably higher than the yield one could get by mining. So I never expected to set up a mining operation on my personal computer and get rich quick. I did what I recommend anyone do if they are interested in getting to know how Bitcoin works: I set up a mining operation to learn.


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