To dissipate or distill by percolation.

Mr Lanier strikes again.

When I came across the sentence, «The strangeness is being leached away by the mush-making process» in You Are Not A Gadget I thought at first that I’d stumbled across a typo that had escaped the editor’s eye. I expected that he meant leeched as in, sucked away as though by a parasite. While this would have made enough sense, Lanier’s choice indeed seems more appropriate.


The area of knowledge about death

Another one found in Jaron Lanier’s You Are Not A Gadget. Lanier is earning points with me for teaching me words. This one in particular I am surprised not to have encountered before, as it is a field of great interest to me. I suppose the matter is probably of great interest to everyone, but even so.

Court decrees: obeying the law not suspicious

See Lowering the Bar, one of my absolute favorite blogs.

I’ve often wondered if one could be pulled over for driving at or under the speed limit. After all, everyone drives a little faster than the speed limit. The only reason to drive under the speed limit would be to avoid being pulled over by the police. And the only people who want to avoid being pulled over by the police are… criminals. Right?


Servility; from the usage of footman referring to servants whose duty it was to open carriage doors for their employers.

I stumbled across a passage from Moby-Dick which tickled my fancy today. In there was a word I can generally discern from context, but of which I was unfamiliar. Footmanism itself isn’t found in my Shorter Oxford or Chambers Dictionaries, but footman refers generally to one who goes on foot but more specifically to one whose occupation it is to run next to a coach or horse in order to attend to the needs of the passenger or rider. Such a person’s job would be to open the door or help the employer down from the horse.

On Advertising

I hate advertising, yet I have advertisements on Monochromatic Outlook as well as other websites I host. Am I a hypocrite?

Perhaps. But first allow me to qualify my hatred of advertising. I dislike it because it tends to be a trade with an inherent sacrifice of integrity for cash. Perhaps for a television station it doesn’t matter whose money they take because no one expects them to have an opinion. In some cases (political advertising for example) they are required by law not to have an opinion.

An Object of Beauty
Steve Martin

It’s been a while since there has been a book report on Monochromatic Outlook. It’s bad enough that I haven’t written the book reports; what is worse is that I’ve read so many fewer books. It’s not even that I’ve started books that I haven’t finished, but reading itself has fallen away dramatically.


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