First blister from barefooting

Today I did­n’t feel like I had much time to spare—I have a lot to get done—so I decid­ed to take a short bare­foot hill run rather than skip­ping the run alto­geth­er. Adding 1.3 miles to the log isn’t much, but zero would have brought the aver­age down much more.

I man­aged to avoid all of the obsta­cles I saw on the side­walk in front of me, includ­ing glass and nails, but still came away with a blis­ter on my big toe of my right foot. Noth­ing to be con­cerned about; I’ve cer­tain­ly had my share of blis­ters from shod run­ning over the years. What’s notable is that I’ve only had blis­ters on my arch­es before. This is a blis­ter on a part that actu­al­ly has con­tact with the ground. This indi­cates that my stride does change sig­nif­i­cant­ly when barefoot.

The absence of any blis­ters on my arch­es means almost noth­ing though—those are the result of the soles’ arch sup­ports caus­ing friction. 

In oth­er news, I like car­rot juice, but adding it to my morn­ing smooth­ie did not improve the fla­vor of the result­ing smooth­ie. Exper­i­ment not to be repeated.