…And the lack thereof.

The Fountainhead
Ayn Rand

How things have changed since my first reading of The Fountainhead! I haven’t read Rand since my very early twenties, possibly my very late teens. I found the central theme of Rand’s work in The Fountainhead to run parallel to my maturation in the time between the first reading and today. The older I get, the less I care what other people think.

A clear and engaging memoir, Dreams From My Father reads nothing at all like the writing of a man running for the Presidency. Obama has a talent for being simultaneously plain-spoken and erudite; this comes through his prose as well as his oration. I confess I've become a bit of a fan of his podcast because I enjoy listening to him. He unravels controversy without didacticism and whether speaking from the heart or the mind he displays uncommon sense. Right or wrong, the man is coherent.

Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis, Jimmy Carter

Taken Hostage: The Iran Hostage Crisis and America's First Encounter with Radical Islam
David Farber

In contrast to Kenneth Pollack’s The Persian Puzzle, which took me weeks to finish, I read Taken Hostage on a flight from California to New Hampshire. I bought it yesterday to keep me occupied on the flight and it fit the bill almost exactly. I finished about 20 minutes before landing.

The Persian Puzzle
Kenneth Pollack

I first became exposed to Kenneth Pollack’s writing with The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq. Pollack is a former CIA analyst and director for Gulf affairs at the NSC, and I found Threatening Storm to be surprisingly well-thought out and informative.


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