Greed, gluttony. *Chambers* says it's archaic.

Anoth­er word found in Go Set a Watch­man. It usu­al­ly says good things about a nov­el when I have to look up mul­ti­ple words in one sit­ting. Not always; some­times it seems like the obscure words don’t add val­ue. I have mixed feel­ings about the use of gulos­i­ty here. If I were asked to edit this I might not insist it get replaced but I’d want to have a con­ver­sa­tion about why it was impor­tant. Per­haps it’s archa­ic, but remained in use in the South for some time? Or per­haps there is a nuance of usage I’m missing.

Now I real­ly wish I still had my OED.