The way home

The airport shuttle woke me up this morning--not a good thing when you aren't already all packed. My alarm went off at 6:45 and I don't remember a thing again until 8:10. Fortunately, I only packed for one day and had lots of room in my bag. I dragged on my pants and shoes and stuffed everything else in my bag and went. The driver covered for me by saying that he was early, but it would have been the same if he had been on time.

So now I'm on my way back to SeaTac to go home. It's been a pretty short trip, but I met some really nice folks. Despite the culture shock I described during the trip down, which was entirely based on the radio and what I saw out the window as I drove by, I have to say that Olympia is a nice town. There's a friendliness here that you don't find in bigger cities. Smile and say 'hi' on the street at night and people smile and say 'hi' back. I've been able to pay cash for things like my motel room without it being an issue. The people I've met from the town have been real genuine and helpful and friendly.