Best books I read last year

The Per­sian Puz­zle: The Con­flict Between Iran and Amer­i­ca, Ken­neth Pol­lack
A Deep­ness in the Sky and A Fire Upon The Deep, Ver­nor Vinge
Jar­head, Antho­ny Swofford

I’d count “One Day in the Life of Ivan Deniso­vich” except that 2005 was­n’t the first time I read it.

The worst books were

How I Became Stu­pid, Mar­tin Page
Logan’s Search and Logan’s World, William F. Nolan
An Unfor­tu­nate Woman, Richard Brauti­gan
Tak­en Hostage, David Farber

Here are all the books I read

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  1. If you just count the good
    If you just count the good books, you are way ahead of most peo­ple. I thought you were a big Brauti­gan fan. Are you final­ly matur­ing, or was this book not up to par? I need to know, because I have copies of “Revenge of the Lawn” and “Dream­ing of Baby­lon” wait­ing here for me to ship to you. Also, “Lila” by Robert Pir­sig of ZatAoMM fame.


  2. I’m still a big Brauti­gan
    I’m still a big Brauti­gan fan. An Unfor­tu­nate Woman was­n’t either poet­ry or prose. It was a half-baked jour­nal frag­ment. I think there was a rea­son Brauti­gan nev­er sent it to a publisher.

    I sup­pose it real­ly does­n’t belong on the “worst” list, but on the “biggest dis­ap­point­ment” list.

    I haven’t read “Dream­ing of Baby­lon” and I’m inter­est­ed to read “Lila.” I think my copy of “Revenge of the Lawn” was giv­en away, hope­ful­ly to some­one I was sleep­ing with at the time but I don’t real­ly recall who end­ed up with it.

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