Take a walk on the island side

OK, well, they’re sort of both island sides. See, Alame­da is an island ever since they carved out the canal that sep­a­rates Oak­land from Alameda.…

Facing the light

It is some­times easy to for­get how much influ­ence I have over my own state of mind. Undoubt­ed­ly it is because if my mind is…

2012 Independence Day RACE

We could not have asked for bet­ter weath­er for the Inde­pen­dence Day Ralph Appez­za­to Char­i­ty Event 5K this year. The RACE is a great event for a few rea­sons. The 5K is on the parade route for the Alame­da Fourth of July Parade. Peo­ple line up to watch the parade along the entire route, so there are spec­ta­tors, many of whom cheer enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly, from the start to the fin­ish. The spec­ta­tors don’t dwin­dle at the end either; most will be there until the parade finishes.

Hav­ing spec­ta­tors along the entire route may not be the best thing for every race, but for a July Fourth morn­ing race it’s a lot of fun to be cheered on, even at the back of the pack. And I have to give the race orga­niz­ers cred­it for inge­nu­ity hold­ing the race on a course that has already been closed to traf­fic for the parade.

Sand between my toes

I’d nev­er gone for a run on sand before. I’ve heard some advo­cates of bare­foot run­ning claim that run­ning bare­foot on sand encour­ages good form, improves ground feel, and so on. Since now I live so near to a stretch of beach it seems that I have a good oppor­tu­ni­ty to get some vari­ety in my work­outs, even more so because I’m not in a posi­tion yet to be work­ing on get­ting fast. Keep­ing it inter­est­ing while pos­si­bly help­ing to improve form is a great plan. I can’t imag­ine that run­ning on sand could be bad for me.

Truth to tell, this was most­ly a walk. Rather than start out run­ning and then take walk breaks, I went out walk­ing and did­n’t plan to try to run until I got to the beach. I want­ed my legs (and lungs) some­what fresh when I start­ed on the sand, and fur­ther­more I need­ed to get my legs warmed up before I was going to be capa­ble of any­thing like run­ning. After [my run on Wednesday](/node/1540) my legs were stiff and sore for days — I was still hav­ing trou­ble just walk­ing or get­ting up from a seat­ed posi­tion four days later.