Life's Work Center

80.8kg this morning, but here I am cheating again because this is the first time I've weighed myself in the morning, when I'm naturally lighter. Nevertheless, I continue forging ahead. I plan to make it to the gym tonight.

I'm skipping my Life's Work Center session today. I'm filled with fear that I'm fucking up my work for another client. What's messed up is that what I want to do is not fire away kicking ass at my to-do-list until I'm ahead of the game. What I want to do is pull the covers back over my head and go back to sleep.

At the very least I need to give Tom at the LWC a phone call to let him know I won't be there. That way I'm at least not cowering from the world--I'm making contact.

Still, I have this horrid feeling that it's only 9:30 and the whole day is already shot. That may have more to do with not being able to afford drugs these days than anything else. Or maybe I'll feel better with some coffee in me.



The Life's Work Center is absolutely great. I recommend their program and the people are fantastic.

I, on the other hand, sometimes get terrified that things won't get done and so don't do the things that really need to get done. Like I'll sit at the computer tryting to fix something instead of having a meal. When I'm in that headspace, eating food can seem like a burden. That's the only sense in which I consider the LWC program a burden.

The work can be challenging, but that's sort of the point.

That's a good comparison, Steve, thanks. I hope you have a day that is both comfortable and challenging, for example, with yummy food and a pleasant conversation in it.