I'm supposed to be having a birthday barbeque for myself on Sunday, but like every other event I've ever planned, I haven't bothered inviting anyone because I'm too depressed. It's not actually my birthday, but since my birthday is near Christmas it's hard to find people around then. Sunday is 33-and-a-third for me, four months after December 27th.

It seems kinda too late to start inviting people, but hopefullt I can find a person or two who can show up.

Not having anyone show up for your birthday is sad. Not having invited anyone to your birthday is rip-roaring dumbass pathetic.


Gah! That's wretched. I know: make Siduri invite people. This will ensure an interesting crowd, although it may be a motley group of drunks from off the street.

Happy Thirds-day to you. I never used to have parties, either.

I'd swing by to wish you a happy day, but it's greek orthodox easter, and I'm going to be out of town with my wife and in-laws. Happy unbirthday, anyways!