Depression, redux

It occurred to me not too long ago that the reason I was on the freaky no wheat or corn or tomato diet was that I felt a lot better after I tried it. Among the benefits for me were decreased mental fog, greater energy, and elevated mood.

I noticed that if I, for example, had a pizza, the next day I'd have low mental clarity, depressed mood, no motivation, and zero energy.

I've been "cheating" on it for a while now. It started when I noticed that I was more sensitive to some foods than others, so I just didn't care if I had some corn, but I would actually stay away from the flour products. But eventually it got to where the only thing I wasn't eating was wheat. And so now I'm depressed a lot, and eating wheat doesn't seem to affect it. That could easily mean that I'm so far off the regimen than the last straw, wheat, doesn't make much difference.

I guess if taking care of one's self was easy, everyone would be doing it. *sigh*