Studio setup underway

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I’ve moved out of my studio at the Third Street Art Explosion and I have been rearranging my cottage to dedicate the downstairs to my new studio. In addition to moving everything from the studio here, I’ve had to move pretty much every piece of furniture I own either from downstairs to upstairs or from upstairs to down. Let me tell you: moving furniture by myself ain’t easy.

It’s not easy but it’s gone a long way toward showing me that anything is possible given time. I haven’t done any of this all at once, it’s all been piecemeal. I’ve done a lot of measuring and imagining and finally the pieces are beginning to come together.

It’s still a big mess here. There are a lot of boxes yet to unpack and I still don’t have a good solution for storage of my large artwork. But the drawing table is set up, and so is the table that will double as my supplies stand and computer table. There’s still no monitor for the computer— —the antique in the pictures won’t connect to modern Macs (or PCs for that matter). And I still have a shredder, a box full of files, and an inkjet printer next to my bed.

I didn’t get this far by trying to get it all done at once. I have to remind myself to take it a step at a time. Eventually, I’ll have a studio that doesn’t feel like it’s really a bedroom (making good progress there) and a bedroom that doesn’t feel like a living room (there’s a ways yet to go on that and I’m not sure it’s really a desirable goal).

I have to do more strategy than this. There are more changes happening than just some furniture. My whole way of working is going to have to evolve as well, and that’s a much bigger set of questions.

For now, literally and figuratively, the heavy lifting of this move is done. It’s sort of like getting all the border pieces in place in a puzzle. There’s a lot more to do but what I’ve done makes the rest possible.




What a lot of work! Looks like it's taking shape, though. Don't let all the rest of the details get you discouraged.  Also, think about whether there are things you no longer need or don't work for you. Have you decided where the bed goes yet?