I am Exposition Man today

I started by fleshing out some of what I’d already written, providing some more detail in the conversation that ends the first chapter. I’ve also decided to upgrade a minor character; he may still be a minor character, but I’ve decided against discarding him. He’ll appear again.

That fleshing-out progress is the sort of thing I’m probably not «supposed» to do during NaNoWriMo. The plan is to get the words out there, fast and furious, not spend a couple of hours increasing my word count by only a couple hundred. But I think these tweaks and additions improve the work, so that’s fine.

From there I went back to my second chapter. I think I’m using too much exposition. I’m describing too much past and not enough storyline. It’s a tough balance to strike; I have characters that I want the reader to get to know and situations that I want them to understand, and so I want to get as much of the backstory out as possible.

After a break for dinner, I got back into the writing and am finishing up the day with 2,436 words total for the day, 6,851 words in to the project. This puts me ahead of schedule by NaNoWriMo’s 50,000 word goal but I would like to be able to take a day or two off at some point, and maybe have the latitude to slow down, and maybe focus on some other things. And 50,000 words is not going to tell this story.

Today’s writing music: Eurythmics 1984, Fugazi Repeater + 3 Songs. Juno Reactor Golden Sun of the Great East. And a lot of silence, too.