Worlds colliding

This thing keeps taking me in unexpected directions. What I thought had gone sideways a couple days ago has gone farther sideways.

Yesterday I didn’t get as much writing done and I didn’t think I’d get much done today because I had a lot of other work to do. But I carved out some time in the morning and then got on a roll in the late evening. I finished a 3500 word chapter (2,824 of which were written in the past 24 hours) that had numerous challenges.

I wrote my first love scene, which was unexpected. I didn’t expect to have anything even sort of racy (this was pretty tame by almost any standards) in this project, but as I was painting myself farther into a corner I didn’t know how to write myself out of, the solution presented itself. The scene not only reveals a lot about the characters but also about what the whole story is about. It was challenging because I haven’t written much like it, at least not in years.

I’m a little afraid of how it will read in the light of another day, but right now I feel amazed by what has gotten solved and resolved and what new questions have come up. And I’m getting out of exposition jail, which is a good thing.

I also showed a chapter from the project to someone else for feedback for the first time and actually talked over the plot. I’ve been avoiding doing any of that because I don’t want to get into any of the many traps from soliciting feedback too soon. This may have been too soon, but it was just one chapter I showed and the conversation was very productive.

Now I’m left a bit stunned. I have a lot more to do, and I have a lot more to do that isn’t writing. So I don’t have a day to rest, just have to get back to it all in the morning.