This site uses typefaces licensed from Adobe TypeKit

Body text was originally set in Adrian Frutiger’s Apollo MT, one of the earliest typefaces designed specifically for phototypesetting. For technical reasons it was removed and replaced temporarily with PT Serif from the Google web font collection. Finally, I arrived at a long-time favorite: Chaparral Pro by Carol Twombly.

Though in many ways Chaparral is quite different from Apollo MT, it shares the generous aspect ratio and moderate x-height, making it similarly legible and readable in small settings. Chaparral’s slab serifs help prevent it from looking spindly or precious the way that serifed faces often can when brought to the Web, while maintaining a straightforward journalistic feel.

Headlines, navigation and ancillary text are set in Calluna Sans. The masthead is set in Museo Slab. Both faces were designed by Jos Buivenga, whose foundry blog can be seen at


Museo Slab is part of the Museo family of faces and was chosen for its bold, stark (dare I say monochromatic?) look. Compared to other slab-serif faces, Museo Slab exhibits a subtly subversive feel with its hidden stylistic quirks.

Calluna Sans was chosen for its humanist qualities, to contrast with Museo Slab. As a match for Chaparral, Calluna Sans has a similar ascender-to-capital relationship and aspect ratio.