Online privacy policy

While visiting Monochromatic Outlook some information may be collected by the webserver or given voluntarily by the visitor. It is the purpose of this document to describe the manner in which your data may be used.

Comments on public posts are themselves public. If you comment, the operator of this site as well as any other visitors will be able to read this comment. If there is information you prefer kept to yourself, please don’t type that information into any forms on this site.

If you create a user account on this site, your selected username will be visible to other users. Your email address will be stored in the database so that you can retrieve your account information in the event that you lose your password. Your password is actually not stored at all. Rather a cryptographic one-way hash of your password will be stored. The next time you log in, the password your type will be entered into the same algorithm and the values of the hashes themselves compared.

I will under no circumstances voluntarily provide collected email addresses to any third party. If you contact me, I may use your email address to reply. If you elect to use a feature of the site which requires the email address to function, such as for notification of new content on the site, the website will of course use the email address you provide for that purpose.

If you wish to leave a public comment, you may use an alternate method of authentication such as OpenID, Facebook login, or Twitter authentication. Facebook and Twitter will sell every bit of information about you that they can to anyone willing to pay. That’s between you and them. Those methods will automatically provide your name and probably an avatar to this website which will be used to identify you as the author of any information you submit to the site.

Server statistics. The webserver collects some information about visitors in the course of your visit. I use that information to see what content is popular, how to organize the site, and things like that. I do not sell information to anyone, and I will not ever. Monochromatic Outlook uses the open-source software Piwik on our own servers for this analytics tracking, so that your information is not shared with Google or another third-party analytics company.

Users who are logged in can choose to opt out of any analytics tracking on the user profile page. Furthermore, our Piwik installation respects the DoNotTrack setting in your browser. We do not store complete IP addresses in our analytics but anonymize them as required by the privacy laws in some countries such as Germany.

Likewise, the ads served on Monochromatic Outlook are managed with the open-source OpenX ad management software. Unless you click on an ad banner and go to the advertiser’s site, none of your information gets back to those advertisers with the exception of any webserver information related to viewing the ad banner image.

Advertisements can also be opted out from the user profile page.

Any questions about privacy on Monochromatic Outlook can be directed to the site operator using the contact form.