50bookchallenge #25/50 Logan’s Search, William F. Nolan

I picked this to pad my total. I did­n’t think I’d like it much, and I was right. The Logan books are pulp at their corniest.

It’s kind of sad that Nolan got so des­per­ate for sto­ry ideas that he resort­ed to an “trapped on an alter­nate Earth” plot, but the amus­ing part is read­ing the intro­duc­tion where he wax­es ver­bose (not call­ing it elo­quent) about how impor­tant the Logan Tril­o­gy is for the ideas contained.

Well, Logan is always bet­ter than all his oppo­nents, and still always sur­ren­ders to each vil­lain’s demand to go quest­ing and adven­tur­ing to get some­thing for them. The Logan of the nov­els is eas­i­ly one of the least resource­ful, least clever, most unin­ter­est­ing char­ac­ters I’ve ever read.

Fur­ther, I just can’t stand read­ing the flim­sy moral jus­ti­fi­ca­tions he con­stant­ly slaps him­self with. “he loved Jess and Jess only, but if he did­n’t have sex with the beau­ti­ful cit­i­zen, the oth­er Sand­men might sus­pect some­thing was awry.” “Logan despised hal­lu­cino­genic drugs, but if he were going to get back to his own Earth.…”

Ugh. Well, it was a quick read and now I’m halfway through my read­ing goal. Heh.

And thanks to for giv­ing me his copy.

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