Cats and dogs

When some­one claims their dog is smart it’s because the dog has learned to obey the per­son­’s com­mands. When some­one says their cat is smart it’s because the per­son has learned to obey the cat’s com­mands.1

  1. Yes, this pic­ture means that I have giv­en up on keep­ing Rox­ie off my desk to the extent that I actu­al­ly put her bed there. It’s kind of nice hav­ing her curled up in front of me while I work, but I’m not going to pre­tend it was my idea. 

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    1. It’s not quite the same thing
      Kit­tery has you wrapped around her paw, no ques­tion. But when it comes to manip­u­la­tion, Rox­ie is in a whole oth­er cat­e­go­ry. Kit­tery does­n’t manip­u­late so much as per­sist. She’ll wear you down all day look­ing with those expec­tant eyes as if to say, «you want me to be hap­py, right? Because hav­ing what­ev­er is on your plate will make me hap­py. Please? Please? Please?»

      If Rox­ie could speak, I think it would sound some­thing like, «no Mis­ter Bond, I expect you to buy. Buy bet­ter food for me, that is.»

      Besides, this was­n’t so much about cats and dogs but about how peo­ple judge and describe them. 

      I guess if I have to unwrap the joke this much, it was­n’t as fun­ny as I thought.

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