An open letter to atheists

Dear atheists;

You’ve made a big deal about how silly religion is. You’ve called the rest of us foolish for teaching kids about the Power who watches our every move and evaluates whether our thoughts are decent or diabolical. You rolled your eyes when we talked about the Power who grants us wishes when we offer adequate flattery and who punishes us capriciously for perceived disloyalty. You said we were brainwashing our children to tell them about the Power who rains vengeance down upon enemies by smiting them dead from the sky. You scoffed when we explained that a percentage of the fruits of our labor must go to the representatives of that Power. You flat-out said we were wrong about the Power who keeps loyal believers safe at night and who knows what is best for all of us, even when that knowledge is mysterious to us; and who chooses whether to give us life or take it away.

But give us a break. It’s important to have a way to explain to our kids how government works without getting ourselves arrested.

Thank you for your understanding,

Your God-fearing friends.