Non-gun control now!

I couldn’t make this up: unarmed man is charged for shooting spree.

It seems clear that we can no longer stand by as a nation while our friends and neighbors are slaughtered by the menace of unarmed people. I call on Congress to immediately draft legislation requiring:

  • Background checks for unarmed people
  • 10-day waiting periods before someone can be unarmed
  • Restrict the magazine capacity of people without guns
  • Registration of any lack of firearms
  • Safety mechanisms to be issued to all new unarmed persons
  • A Federal register of all mentally unstable people or criminals who should be prevented from being unarmed
  • Mandatory safety training for the unarmed
  • Stricter regulation of people applying for permits for concealing their lack of weapons

It is only through immediate action that we can protect the country, our children, and our freedom from the menace of the unarmed people roaming our streets. Tell Congress not to delay! And don’t listen to the gunless-nuts out there saying that when not carrying a gun is outlawed only outlaws will not carry guns. It’s a rhetorical trick. We need to take the lack of guns away from these misguided individuals.



They can have my bookcases when they pry them from my inkstained fingers.

Yeah, it's weird. The law says that the perp is responsible for any injuries caused by committing the crime, no matter who inflicts them. So the cops can let the bullets fly!

Fortunately, I think while this may be related to the felony murder rule, I doubt that it’s enshrined in legislation the way the felony murder rule is in most states. The big problem (for us, of course, not him) is that the guy might have the case dropped on the merits before the case makes it to an appeals court where higher courts can laugh it out of our hair. If the case is lost or dropped now, the DA is free to try to pull this again and the cops continue to run around knowing that it doesn’t matter who they shoot—that they are for all purposes above the law.