Non-gun control now!

I could­n’t make this up: unarmed man is charged for shoot­ing spree.

It seems clear that we can no longer stand by as a nation while our friends and neigh­bors are slaugh­tered by the men­ace of unarmed peo­ple. I call on Con­gress to imme­di­ate­ly draft leg­is­la­tion requiring:

  • Back­ground checks for unarmed people
  • 10-day wait­ing peri­ods before some­one can be unarmed
  • Restrict the mag­a­zine capac­i­ty of peo­ple with­out guns
  • Reg­is­tra­tion of any lack of firearms
  • Safe­ty mech­a­nisms to be issued to all new unarmed persons
  • A Fed­er­al reg­is­ter of all men­tal­ly unsta­ble peo­ple or crim­i­nals who should be pre­vent­ed from being unarmed
  • Manda­to­ry safe­ty train­ing for the unarmed
  • Stricter reg­u­la­tion of peo­ple apply­ing for per­mits for con­ceal­ing their lack of weapons

It is only through imme­di­ate action that we can pro­tect the coun­try, our chil­dren, and our free­dom from the men­ace of the unarmed peo­ple roam­ing our streets. Tell Con­gress not to delay! And don’t lis­ten to the gun­less-nuts out there say­ing that when not car­ry­ing a gun is out­lawed only out­laws will not car­ry guns. It’s a rhetor­i­cal trick. We need to take the lack of guns away from these mis­guid­ed individuals.

3 Replies to “Non-gun control now!”

  1. Mag­a­zine capac­i­ty?
    They can have my book­cas­es when they pry them from my inkstained fingers.

    Yeah, it’s weird. The law says that the perp is respon­si­ble for any injuries caused by com­mit­ting the crime, no mat­ter who inflicts them. So the cops can let the bul­lets fly!

    1. The law is an ass
      For­tu­nate­ly, I think while this may be relat­ed to the felony mur­der rule, I doubt that it’s enshrined in leg­is­la­tion the way the felony mur­der rule is in most states. The big prob­lem (for us, of course, not him) is that the guy might have the case dropped on the mer­its before the case makes it to an appeals court where high­er courts can laugh it out of our hair. If the case is lost or dropped now, the DA is free to try to pull this again and the cops con­tin­ue to run around know­ing that it does­n’t mat­ter who they shoot — that they are for all pur­pos­es above the law.

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