Book #13 This Year

A delight­ful mem­oir with abun­dant dos­es of his­tor­i­cal tid­bits about motor­cy­cling. Yeah, I know. I’m div­ing in, and even when I’m not on the bike now I’m read­ing about rid­ing. Well, so be it. Next on my read­ing list is Zen and the Art of Motor­cy­cle Main­te­nance which I read a long long time ago, and Hel­l’s Angels. But I might fin­ish up some of my oth­er books first.

I had an amused moment when I read Pier­son­’s descrip­tion of the load that climb­ing Mount Mitchell put on her motor­cy­cle’s engine. Four­teen years ago I climbed Mount Mitchell on my bike, but my legs were the engine that year. I had a com­bi­na­tion flash of supe­ri­or­i­ty and envy read­ing about this. It would be great to go rid­ing in the Blue Ridge Moun­tains again, whether on a motor­cy­cle or a bicy­cle. The Park­way is a road that should prob­a­bly be closed to four-wheeled traf­fic, with per­haps an excep­tion made for cer­tain kinds of convertibles.

If you’re fas­ci­nat­ed by motor­cy­cles, this is a great read. If you’re not, there may not be much here for you.