Mmmmm… Boogers!

This was a gift from my moth­er, and I did­n’t real­ize until I picked it up a few days ago that it was inscribed to me by the author. Reminder to self: thank Mom for this again.

Dave Bar­ry is a strange writer. He alter­nates being tremen­dous­ly fun­ny with being real­ly unfun­ny (but try­ing to be fun­ny). The net effect is that when he’s tremen­dous­ly fun­ny it takes me off guard, and I end up in uncon­trol­lable laugh­ter. I can’t tell whether he’s being sneaky or if he just writes what he can as fast as he can to make dead­line and miss­es the mark more often than he hits it.

I decid­ed that, after the book about Iran and the U.S., some lighter read­ing was in order. This fit the bill, except for the final two essays about Sep­tem­ber 11th and Flight 93. Just what I need­ed to read four hours before I board an air­plane. Oops.

[The Trav­eller — Christophe Goze](