First book of 2005

Although not the first book I start­ed read­ing in 2005, the first I’ve fin­ished is Search­ing for Bob­by Fis­ch­er by Fred Wait­zkin. A quick and enjoy­able read, I went through it in about three days. I’ve seen the movie of the same name a few times but until I saw it on the shelf had nev­er thought about whether it had been based on a book. Wait­zkin is a sports writer, so it seems nat­ur­al for him, nei­ther the forced (and/or ghost­writ­ten) zeal of a father who can­not write, nor the pure detatch­ment of a jour­nal­ist. His prose is transparant, car­ing, and unhurried.

The Dan Brown Code

I real­ly hate being a lit­er­ary snob. For the most part, I think that hav­ing a dis­crim­i­nat­ing mind does not serve me. It does not make me hap­pi­er to point out the flaws in oth­er peo­ple’s work; in fact, I’m much hap­pi­er when I can just sit back and enjoy some­thing that con­tains flaws galore.

*The Da Vin­ci Code* made it very dif­fi­cult. First of all, Dan Brown was deal­ing with heady stuff: cryp­tog­ra­phy and reli­gion. That right there rais­es the bar, engag­ing the log­i­cal, ana­lyt­i­cal side of me, which makes it hard to ignore laps­es in log­ic and sense.