Take myself out to the ballpark

I had a lit­tle trou­ble get­ting the GPS to con­nect to satel­lites on this run, so the path starts in a park­ing lot where I stopped to get unob­struct­ed access to the sky. Once it con­nect­ed I start­ed going again. I’m just con­sid­er­ing the third of a mile I ran before that a warmup that does­n’t make it onto the log. It was most­ly down­hill anyway.

I used to dis­like start­ing a run down­hill and then com­ing back uphill at the end, but I’m start­ing to see the ben­e­fit. Sure, it means that I have to run uphill at the end when I’m tired, but it also means I get to warm up going down­hill. It nat­u­ral­ly makes me take it easy while my legs get used to mov­ing, and I think that’s a big­ger ben­e­fit than attack­ing the hill while I have energy.

Not that I’m attack­ing any big hills these days, but con­sid­er­ing that my prob­lem run­ning has more to do with get­ting start­ed than it does with keep­ing going, Eas­ing the bar­ri­er to entry may be a real­ly good thing for me.