There but for the grace of oxygen go I

It’s been a while since I logged any miles, so I think this has to be count­ed as a suc­cess, but one far short of what I’d hoped. The good news is that my heart and legs seem to be doing OK, at least so far as today was a test. The bad news is that I left my albuterol inhaler at home. I got about a mile out before I was wheez­ing so much I had to walk. I walked out to the beach and took a few zigs and zags along the way to catch some side streets I’d nev­er been on before.

So it was def­i­nite­ly not as good a run as I’d hoped. It was going to be a tough run today any­how but I am rather pleased that I got as far as I did and that my legs weren’t at all weary and my heartrate stayed in rea­son­able lim­its. I did­n’t do enough mileage to test either of those things under nor­mal con­di­tions, but as it had been a bit too long since my last run, it was nice to see that I haven’t fall­en com­plete­ly to pieces. And the impor­tant part — always the most dif­fi­cult — was get­ting out the door.

3 Replies to “There but for the grace of oxygen go I”

  1. How about the same route
    How about the same route again today (This time WITH the Albuterol!) 🙂

    1. Prob­a­bly not today
      I think today is a rest day. [Yesterday]([canonical-url:2013/08/13/once-more-time-air]) I did the same route I meant to on Sun­day. My legs were painful­ly tight when I went for the run last night and this morn­ing it hurts just to walk. I’m prob­a­bly not going to give run­ning anoth­er go until at least Thurs­day evening.

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