A day full of small victories

I had a day at work that was not too stress­ful. If I had a few more like this I might not have giv­en notice on Friday.

Noth­ing earth­shak­ing today, but I man­aged to bal­ance my email and my pro­duc­tiv­i­ty at work, not feel­ing I’d fall­en behind in either regard. I final­ly imple­ment­ed the digest fea­ture on a mail­ing list I admin­is­ter and a few peo­ple have already resub­scribed with the digest.

I sent mail to a teacher of mine at my old school ask­ing for a let­ter of rec­om­men­da­tion. This instruc­tor failed me in the only class I took with him, but I explained some of my cir­cum­stances and why I thought things should be dif­fer­ent this time around, and just left it up to him. He and I got along well, but it was a big deal just to get past the fear and write the let­ter and send it.

I was able to leave work at a most­ly rea­son­able hour; ear­ly enough that I could make it to my reg­u­lar Mon­day night meet­ing. It always gives me a creepy feel­ing when I forego a meet­ing or any sort of self-care appoint­ment like the chi­ro­prac­tor or med­i­ta­tion in favor of ful­fill­ing my work oblig­a­tions. Oh yeah, one of those I did­n’t men­tion: school. It gave me a creepy feel­ing every time I blew off class to work. Every time. Nice not to do that today.

Even nicer to have peo­ple tell me how good I look. Love that. I just LOVE it. Came home to a steak, which is still fresh and red. I’m warm­ing the broil­er now. Every time I buy steak, I get the small­est amount I can, and it’s still enough for two meals. It’s great when I can have both steaks in time for the sec­ond one to still be good and not come home to a spoiled steak.

Maybe I ought­ta learn to freeze meat…

Any­way, so I got home, turned the broil­er on, fed the cats, and opened up my email. Whad­dya know? more peo­ple on the digest ver­sion of the list. What else do you know? Email from my draw­ing teacher telling me that he’d be hap­py to write a let­ter of rec­om­men­da­tion to help me get read­mit­ted to school. Then it occurred to me that I made a good choice in ask­ing him first, because he’s not only full-time fac­ul­ty, he used to be the Dean. His say-so might car­ry more weight than some­one that noone at the school had ever heard of.

OK. Enough of this. I got­ta go and make din­ner. I’m hungry!

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