Take a walk on the island side


OK, well, they’re sort of both island sides. See, Alameda is an island ever since they carved out the canal that separates Oakland from Alameda. Bay Farm Island isn’t actually an island any longer, though I’m pretty sure that once upon a time it was. So which side of the canal between Alameda and Bay Farm Island is «the island side» is left as an exercise for the reader. I walked both sides today so my bets are hedged.

I had intended for this to be a run, but that’s not really what happened. I had high ambitions for getting out onto the road and kicking the year off with the first run of the season being intense and refreshing. However, I’ve only been back on my asthma meds for about a week and while my breathing is much improved, it seems to have a way yet to go before it’s all back.

So mostly today I walked and I went for some distance instead of speed. I picked the pace up for a few short intervals but most of the time there was no mistaking my walk for anything other than a walk. In went out to the Alameda ferry terminal, which I’d previously only sort of known the location of. Now I’ve been there. San Francisco looked pretty nice this afternoon too. I was a little farther from it than I usually am when I go walking or running by the beach at South Shore, but I had a wide, unobstructed view of the skyline. A lovely day and there were plenty of people out on the path today. Although it was a much slower go, I think I accomplished the goal of starting the year off with a good workout.