Take a walk on the island side

OK, well, they’re sort of both island sides. See, Alame­da is an island ever since they carved out the canal that sep­a­rates Oak­land from Alame­da. Bay Farm Island isn’t actu­al­ly an island any longer, though I’m pret­ty sure that once upon a time it was. So which side of the canal between Alame­da and Bay Farm Island is «the island side» is left as an exer­cise for the read­er. I walked both sides today so my bets are hedged.

I had intend­ed for this to be a run, but that’s not real­ly what hap­pened. I had high ambi­tions for get­ting out onto the road and kick­ing the year off with the first run of the sea­son being intense and refresh­ing. How­ev­er, I’ve only been back on my asth­ma meds for about a week and while my breath­ing is much improved, it seems to have a way yet to go before it’s all back.

So most­ly today I walked and I went for some dis­tance instead of speed. I picked the pace up for a few short inter­vals but most of the time there was no mis­tak­ing my walk for any­thing oth­er than a walk. In went out to the Alame­da fer­ry ter­mi­nal, which I’d pre­vi­ous­ly only sort of known the loca­tion of. Now I’ve been there. San Fran­cis­co looked pret­ty nice this after­noon too. I was a lit­tle far­ther from it than I usu­al­ly am when I go walk­ing or run­ning by the beach at South Shore, but I had a wide, unob­struct­ed view of the sky­line. A love­ly day and there were plen­ty of peo­ple out on the path today. Although it was a much slow­er go, I think I accom­plished the goal of start­ing the year off with a good workout.

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