I got out there today

My run­ning this year has been very spo­radic. I’ve only logged about 75 miles for the whole year so far. I blame part of it on my new motor­cy­cles (No won­der all those Harley guys are so fat) and part of it on all the tran­si­tions I’ve been through this year but the bot­tom line is, if I’m not run­ning I’m deny­ing myself some­thing I real­ly love.

It took a while to get out there today, but I took advan­tage of a day off from work to get some errands done. It’s hot and sun­ny out there, so I found my shorts and my shoes, got some music to run with, and scoped out a route in my new neigh­bor­hood. I loped out 3.8 miles in 38 min­utes… not great but I got out there and had a fun time doing it.

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