four 7.5‑minute miles!

So much for that goal. 

I like my goals to be all-day suck­ers, but this time I hit my goal the very next time I got on the tread­mill. Ham­mer­head says this is OK because so much of run­ning is men­tal, but I real­ly thought that I had picked an ambi­tious enough goal so that I work on it for a while. 

On the oth­er hand, it is kind of nice to hit my goals, and it is a nice lit­tle ego boost that I can run four sev­en-and-a-half minute miles. I actu­al­ly hit four miles at 29:47, so I very slight­ly beat seven-and-a-half.

3 miles, 24 minutes

Inspired by Ham­mer­head’s exam­ple, I’ve start­ed incre­ment­ing the time I’ve been run­ning on the tread­mill up from 25 min­utes to 30. I ran 35 min­utes a few days ago, but I don’t like to do more than 30 at the gym when it’s crowd­ed and there are peo­ple wait­ing to get on the machines. 

My first goal was to hit 3 miles in 25 min­utes, and I achieved that goal a cou­ple weeks ago. Yes­ter­day I made my sec­ond goal, which was 3 miles in 24 min­utes. Three eight-minute miles. Hooray!

It’s so easy to hate my job

What can I say about it? I don’t actu­al­ly hate it, but I’m very anx­ious to leave. It’s been frus­trat­ing and it does­n’t pay par­tic­u­lar­ly well, and I’m ready to move on.

I haven’t writ­ten here in a while because the last time I wrote, my com­put­er crashed and I lost the whole entry. That dis­cour­aged me. I sup­pose it’s my own fault for not installing the soft­ware and always post­ing from the Web, but it was dis­cour­ag­ing anyway.

Exhausted at 10:30AM

I had for­got­ten how much more tir­ing work­ing is than stay­ing at home and put­ter­ing around. I haven’t even been here for two hours and I’m beat. Ready to call it a day. Not ready for lunch, mind you. Ready to go home and take a nap.

My body is still tap­ping a lot of my ener­gy to heal, I guess. That’s a good thing. But i keep on for­get­ting things and I’m mov­ing at about half speed. It’s a damn good thing it’s Friday.

I can breathe! (sort of)

The pack­ing is out of one side of my nose. It *did* feel a bit like hav­ing my brains pulled out my nose, but it was over pret­ty fast. The ban­dages and out­er brace are still on my nose, and I still have my nose in a sling to keep the blood from seep­ing all over. Sor­ry if that’s more detail than you want­ed. Bot­tom line is that my nose is still kin­da full of… ahem… humors. Should clear up pret­ty quick.