2005’s Book #2

I think this mean­dered a bit much. Cer­tain­ly it was writ­ten for an audi­ence that lived four or five gen­er­a­tions ago. The rel­e­vance of this essay is lost on my mod­ern sen­si­bil­i­ties, except as an his­tor­i­cal piece. My igno­rance comes into play as well; I have not read most of the works that Ms Woolf ref­er­enced, and it was there­fore occa­sion­al­ly dif­fi­cult for me to follow.

Her the­sis could have been made more plain­ly in a quar­ter the pages. No doubt that it was an impor­tant work when pub­lished in 1929, but the ques­tions of inequal­i­ty in today’s world are very dif­fer­ent than they were then, at least/especially in terms of the «wom­en’s place» in literature.