Experimenting with the predecessor to Dosadi

Book #3 of my [50bookchallenge](http://50bookchallenge.livejournal.com/): Frank Her­bert’s *Whip­ping Star*. I’m a fan of Frank Her­bert’s writ­ing and have been for as long as I can remem­ber. Even when he has­n’t writ­ten «high-con­cept» sci-fi, he’s still usu­al­ly suc­ceed­ed in writ­ing smart, high­ly read­able pulp. *Whip­ping Star* is one of these.

I read *Dosa­di Exper­i­ment*, the sequel to *Whip­ping Star* a while back, so some of the sur­prise rev­e­la­tions here were old news to me, but also I think that now I might get more from *Dosa­di Exper­i­ment* than I did the first time around. Def­i­nite­ly will con­sid­er reread­ing it for my list.

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  1. I can’t remem­ber a damn
    I can’t remem­ber a damn thing from Dosadi…

    Her­bert has an incred­i­bly wide range from stilt­ed and dull to vivid and unfor­get­table. The White Plague is in the lat­ter cat­e­go­ry, and to a less­er extent The San­taro­ga Bar­ri­er. I just read two Her­berts, Under Pres­sure and The Eyes of Heisen­berg, both unfor­tu­nate­ly tend­ing toward the dull end.

  2. I read Under Pres­sure a year
    I read Under Pres­sure a year or so ago. It was sort of embar­rass­ing, but I liked how it was real­ly clear that Her­bert was try­ing to get to the place he’d get in a few decades. Like he just need­ed to practice.

    Still, even Under Pres­sure was more read­able than The DaVin­ci Code.