Back on the road

After feel­ing that I need­ed to give my knees a rest in July I took more time off of run­ning than I had pre­dict­ed. Com­ing back after months of inac­tiv­i­ty I knew it was­n’t going to be an easy return. My weight has increased a notch in the last months and extra weight means more stress on the joints as well as the mus­cles. Mind­ful of the impor­tance of start­ing slow, I chose a short, famil­iar, and flat route: out to the Fourth Street Bridge and back along the North side of Mis­sion Creek.

The pleas­ant sur­prise is that it was­n’t bad. It was fun to get out and run, and see the sights along the path. I was­n’t fast, but cov­ered the dis­tance. Not a prob­lem at all. If I can do this care­ful­ly and not over­do, there’s no rea­son I can’t get back in the swing of things.

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